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Closure of Trading Window

Newspaper Publication for EOGM

Outcome of Board Meeting 06.04.2019

Prior Intimation of Board Meeting-06.04.2019


Additional Outcome of Board Meeting-14.02.2019

Intimation of Shifting of Registered Office Address

Proceeding of AGM-29.09.2018

Proceeding of EOGM-24.10.2018

Constitution of IDC Meeting

Intimation-Change of RTA

Outcome of BM-03.12.2018

Outcome of BM-13.11.2018

Outcome of BM-14.02.2019

Outcome of BM-14.08.2018

Outcome of BM-25.02.2019

Outcome of BM-30.03.2019

Prior Intimation of Board Meeting-14.02.2019

Prior Intimation of Board Meeting-25.02.2019

Prior Intimation of Board Meeting-29.05.2018

Prior Intimation of Board Meeting-30.03.2019

Outcome of Independent Directors Meeting-28.11.2018

Outcome of Independent Directors Meeting-30.03.2019


Outcome of BM-30.05.2017

Outcome of BM-14.02.2018

Outcome of BM-14.08.2017

Outcome of BM-14.11.2017